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Cecoclean Steam & Clean 5055 1.2 L 1550W Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Cleaner – €106.22

If you want to clean your home with speed and comfort, get the Cecoclean Steam & Clean 5055 1.2 L 1550W cyclone vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner! 

* Innovative system that combines a vertical vacuum cleaner with a steam cleaner 
* Complete deep clean: sweeps, vacuum cleans, mops and steam cleans
* Cyclonic System: strong suction power which is maintained over time
* ECO Extreme Steam: elimination of 99 % of germs and bacteria with steam
* Save time and effort: removes accumulated dirt and stains from the floor in one pass
* TriBrush: triangular vacuum cleaner base to get into all the nooks and crannies
* Professional result with speed and comfort
* Maximum efficiency and power (1550 W)
* Easy-to-empty bag-less deposit (1.2 L)
* Water reservoir with anti-lime filter (300 ml)
* 2 high-quality micro fibre mops (washable and reusable)

* 3 independent selectable working modes:

* Clean: for use as a vertical vacuum cleaner
* Steam: for use as a vertical steamer
* Steam & Clean: vacuums and cleans with steam at the same time

* 2 selectable steam levels, depending on the type of floor and the dirtiness, optimising performance and energy consumption:


* ECO: steam emission that saves energy
* TURBO: maximum steam emission to eliminate the most difficult stains

* Fast Steam: rapid heating system that generates the steam needed to clean in 20 seconds. 
* Range of action: 7 m
* Silence System: sound level
* Effective vacuuming of pet hairs
* HEPA filter (captures 99 % of bacteria, pollen, mites and allergens)
* Suitable for all types of surfaces
* Parking Position: allows you to fix the tube rigidly in vertical position (ideal for breaks in vacuuming cleaning)
* Accessories for cloth, corners and furniture 
* Approx. dimensions: 29.5 x 23 x 116 cm

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